HUET Stress and Emergency Exit Research

In 2006, OPITO appointed SRK Coleshaw (an independent consultant) to assist with a proposed revision of the BOSIET and FOET OPITO Industry Standards. It had been suggested to incorporate the operation of emergency exits into helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) in BOSIET & FOET standards.

The report, ‘Stress Levels Associated with HUET: The Implications of higher fidelity training using exits’ reviews the implications of introducing the operation and removal of exits into BOSIET and FOET courses. The aim of this research was to review and evaluate the possible impact of increasing the fidelity of BOSIET and FOET training by the use of emergency exits during helicopter underwater escape exercises.

The report, ‘Investigation of removable exits and windows for helicopter simulators’ was commissioned to investigate helicopter emergency exits and evaluate the possibility and means of providing a generic exit for helicopter underwater escape training simulators. The aim of this project was to evaluate the means of providing a generic emergency exit (with 'operational realism') for use in the range of helicopter underwater escape simulators currently in use and to review the escape training procedures in relation to seat position, type of emergency exit and number of exercises needed to improve the training outcomes.

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