2012 Study of Apprenticeships/Traineeship Schemes

The Study of Apprenticeship/Traineeship Schemes in the oil and gas industry was conducted in collaboration with the Robert Gordon University as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership agreement.

The output of this report assisted industry in planning the development of its next generation of talent.

It is widely acknowledged that apprenticeships and traineeships provide new recruits with the knowledge and skills to equip them to move into the oil and gas industry, operating competently and safely. Whilst there was a general consensus that more apprenticeships/traineeships are needed in the industry, there was a disparity between the numbers applying and those recruited. It was important that a better understanding of the real demand, rather than the perceived demand, was achieved.

This study, published in 2012, was the first holistic study to be conducted, benefiting the industry with next steps and solutions, determined through informed intelligence.

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