TRAIN-R app makes waves in the North Sea


23rd October 2015

HALF the North Sea offshore workforce has downloaded a mobile app designed to give them access to their training and certification records anywhere at any time. In its first year, the OPITO TRAIN-R app has been used by over 11,500 workers since its introduction September 2014.

TRAIN-R was developed in line with the growing demand for remote and flexible tracking and planning of training certifications in the offshore workforce. The app, which is available on both Apple and Android devices, allows users access to the secure database which in turn provides them with information on their personal OPITO training records through the Vantage system.

Around 76% of the UK offshore workforce is employed on a contracting basis, forcing workers to rely upon notifications from employers and paper-based training records to track their training records and renew them on time.

TRAIN-R also provides a list of vital OPITO approved training providers’ contacts, enabling quick and efficient selection of training vendor.

The quick uptake of the app in the North Sea highlights the emphasis put on safety and competency in the offshore sector. OPITO UK director James Hamilton said: “The popularity of TRAIN-R shows how mobile technology is helping to empower the North Sea industry and makes it easier for individuals to ensure their training records are accessible and in date.

“TRAIN-R really allows users to take control of their training and certifications. Its success so far has highlighted that, despite the downturn, there is still a concentrated focus on safety and competency.

“We hope that this uptake is replicated globally and can continue to provide tangible benefits and improvements to the competency and training aspect of offshore life.”

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