Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2017 – Dean Bain


9th March 2017

As part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2017, we have been showcasing the Oil and Gas Technical Apprenticeship Programme (OGTAP) which boasts one of the highest achievement rates across the UK.

Managed by the oil and gas industry skills organisation OPITO and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), the programme is open to those looking to become apprentices in electrical maintenance, mechanical maintenance, process operations, and instrumentation and control maintenance.

Dean Bain completed his process apprenticeship in 2015 and is still working for his sponsoring company Apache.

“I certainly found the apprenticeship very rewarding. Earning while learning was always a must for me as I had very little interest in going to university. I was fortunate to be accepted onto the OGTAP scheme as I knew the application numbers were very high and the selection criteria is very thorough.

“At 17, I was one of the youngest in my year as I had come straight from school. The majority of my peers had left school and found jobs or gone to college before being accepted to OGTAP. I believe that coming straight from school helped me more as I was used to the learning environment and the routine, but everyone got into the swing of things soon enough.

“The hands-on days at college prepared us for what was to be expected and the lecturers were mostly former offshore workers making the information they passed on very valuable.

“I’ve spoken to younger friends interested in applying for OGTAP and it feels great to know that I've inspired them as a result. I found the programme very rewarding and always speak highly of it when I'm asked where I started out. I still get asked in the street from parents if I would mind speaking to their sons or daughters about the scheme and the application process which delivers a feel good factor for me.

“I can't recommend the apprenticeship programme enough as it has given me a challenging job which keeps me busy and a lifestyle I enjoy thoroughly.”

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