New Project Management WebinEYE Series launched


21st July 2015

The ECITB Offshore Project Management Steering Group (OPMSG) has designed a series of webinars presented by Senior Practitioners from the oil and gas sector, in an effort to create a greater awareness of the non-technical skills and attributes which are vital to the development of Project Managers, Engineers and Support staff in the industry.

Based around a Project Lifecycle the Oil and Gas Project Management WebinEYE series aims to bring together good practice in industry demonstrated through application by the presenter and captured through an inspiring storytelling webinar. The rolling library of events will highlight and challenge common industry issues, promote a knowledge sharing culture and demonstrate good practice where this occurs. Although contextualised to the oil and gas industry, the webinars will also aid the sharing of knowledge across many energy sectors.

OPITO are showing support to the initiative. This is a free service to anyone wishing to join the webinars, which encourage ongoing competence development within the workforce.

To view the short video and find out more about the Webinar Series and how to register click here ( or alternatively register for first webinar of the series below;


Topic Presenter (s)
#1 The Evolution of Project Management in the Oil & Gas Sector
  • Austin Hand, Former General Manager, Global Decommissioning, Shell E&P
  • Tony Maplesden, Strategic Authority, Projects - WGPSN

#2 PEOPLE – Values & Behaviours in Project Delivery
  • Alan Johnstone, Managing Director – Upstream Asset Solutions, Amec Foster Wheeler
  • Les Linklater, Executive Director – Step Change in Safety

#3 Appraise – The Value Creation Process
  • Murray Douglas, Global Head Development Solutions, LR Senergy

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