Frank's International gains OPITO Competence Management System Approval


19th May 2015

Frank’s International is the latest company to gain OPITO approval for its Competence Management System (CMS) in Aberdeen.

Specialising in deep-water services, specific to riser fabrication, tubular handling and installation, Frank’s Aberdeen office is responsible for the deployment of field service teams to numerous client assets within the UKCS.

Frank’s CMS covers Field Service Technicians and Field Service Supervisors who are deployed from Aberdeen to client sites within the boundaries of the UKCS. Their route to approval included desktop and site audits and observation of assessment techniques. Frank’s CMS approval will be subjected to an annual audit to ensure their alignment to OPITO criteria is maintained and any opportunities for improvement are identified.

Jim Cameron, EU Region QHSE, Training and Competence Manager at Frank's outlines the company’s reasons for applying for CMS approval:

“Frank’s International chose to build a comprehensive CMS for a number of reasons. The main ones being; to demonstrate our Field employee’s abilities to our clients, to comply with legislation that demands workers are competent, to provide our employees with a system that confirms their knowledge and skills, and to provide Frank's International with a streamlined process of determining learning and development needs relating to our specific business processes.

“While recognising that all these reasons made the development of a CMS an obvious business choice, adding external validation of the process was seen to be critical to its ongoing viability and legitimacy as an authentic method of proving the skills of our workforce.

“OPITO, being widely accepted as the industry leader in the creation of robust CMS criteria as well as the foremost body in auditing against these criteria, became the obvious standard to aim for.

Therefore, from the outset, OPITO Approval of our CMS was seen as the minimum level of classification we would aim for and are delighted to have reached this milestone.”

Mark Neilson, OPITO’s Director of Standards and Approvals presented Gary Luquette, Frank’s President and Chief Executive Officer with Frank’s CMS approval, marking the company’s commitment to employee competence.

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