OPITO's Role

The global energy transition is accelerating rapidly, and workforce mobility needs to keep pace.

OPITO is committed to developing a safe, skilled, and mobile global workforce, able to work competently across the energy industry. Leading the thinking around workforce development with governments and industry, OPITO will continue to develop innovative and robust training Standards, qualifications, and initiatives, that will ensure highly qualified personnel can meet the needs of the industry, both now and in the future. This work is vital in building capacity to support key technologies including hydrogen, CCUS, energy storage and solar in the interests of the decarbonisation agenda and a just transition, with socio-economic benefits.

Alongside Energy Skills Alliance members, OPITO aims to deliver an all-energy career proposition, enabling workers to see a career path across the breath of the energy industry. As the skills organisation for the sector, OPITO is proud to lead on the development of a People and Skills Plan as part of the North Sea Transition Deal and is part of the Energy Transition Zone steering group.

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