Certificate Extension Information and Process

Learners impacted by conflict in Ukraine

As of 1 March 2022, OPITO has implemented a Certificate Extension Process to support those impacted by the Russian war on Ukraine. Certificates of learners who have completed training at OPITO accredited centres in Ukraine, whose certification is due to expire within three months, have automatically been extended to six months. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

OPITO advice and guidance for centres impacted by the conflict in Ukraine

Please refer to OPITO’s statement here.

If further information or assistance is required, please contact the regional OPITO office.

COVID-19 Information and Response from OPITO

In March 2020, OPITO implemented a Certificate Extension Process to support those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was initially open to those whose certification expired within 30-days, then within 14-days as amended 5 August 2020 in Policy OPITO.C19.GLB.003.1.

This process has supported industry and the workforce during these challenging times and, as of February 2022, more than 44,000 certificates have been extended under the Policy.

On 19 October 2020, the two-month period of grace was introduced. This was not a formal extension to certificates or reflected in Vantage but allowed appropriate refresher training to be undertaken within two months of eligible certificate’s expiry dates. This was designed to prompt a return to Centres as the majority globally had since reopened with stringent sanitisation and social-distancing measures in place. Exceptional extensions were, however, still considered assuming one of two possible eligibility parameters was fulfilled as detailed 18 September 2020 in Policy OPITO.C19.GLB.004.1.

As the global situation continues to develop, OPITO has taken steps to reduce reliance on the process, as evidenced by policy revisions and tightening of eligibility criteria. OPITO’s view is that it is vital that the skills and competence of the workforce is maintained through regular training. Additionally, Centres have now reopened in the majority of regions with physical distancing measures in place, operating under national, regional and local government guidelines.

With that in mind, OPITO has been continually reviewing and refining the eligibility parameters to keep the policy relevant to the changing global situation.

OPITO Certificate Extension Policy

Please click here to view our current policy (effective 19 October 2020)

Please also review our FAQs

Certification Extension Request in Exceptional Circumstances

If you have been impacted by COVID-19, and your certification expires within 14 days before the expiry date, please click the appropriate link below to complete a short form to submit your extension request. There are separate processes for employers and learner (self-sponsors).

Support for Learners (Self-Sponsors)

Support for Employing Companies

After 00:01hrs on 19 October 2020, learners who hold a certificate which has expired must seek training and/or assessment.

Please note, subject to acceptance of the extension request, the revised extension period for certificate expiry remains at one month (effective 1 July). There is no charge for this service.

OPITO Advice and Guidance for Centres on COVID-19

Please view the Technical Bulletin FAQs and our technical bulletins below:

This page was last updated 10 March, 2022.

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