Industry Standards Approval (from January 6th, 2022 for existing Centres, 18th October, 2021 for new applicants)

Centres apply for Approval to deliver OPITO Industry Standards. The new ‘Risk Based’ approach to ongoing quality assurance ensures that training is delivered safely, with competence based, consistent outcomes.

The updated Approval Process for Standards consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: Contact the applicable OPITO regional office to register interest in obtaining OPITO Approval. OPITO will create an account within its online data management system (launching October 2021), known as The HUB. Completion and submission of the Pre-Screening Questionnaire will be processed online, using The HUB.

Stage 2: Pre-Approval Workshop – OPITO has created a Pre-Approval Video for Centres to familiarise themselves with, prior to the one-to-one session with a Quality Assurance Specialist – the video will be shared through The HUB. The physical (or digital) workshop will provide the opportunity for any questions and clarifications. Training will also be provided for Centres to navigate and complete a Desktop Submission within The HUB.

Stage 3: Application – An Application for Approval is then completed online, using The HUB – Centres are advised to include as much information as possible on any applicable approvals, both from OPITO at associated sites, or with other relevant awarding bodies.

Stage 4: Desktop Submission – Using a new risk-based model, a Desktop Submission will be requested via The HUB. This stage ensures that the Centre has the required resources to deliver OPITO Standards and a management system is in place that complies with the OPITO Approval Criteria

Stage 5: Initial Site Visit – An OPITO Quality Assurance Specialist will visit the Centre’s premises, or carry out a remote visit, and observe aspects of training and/or assessments being carried out against the relevant OPITO Standard.

Following successful participation in the Approvals Process, Centres are awarded individual Approval for the specified OPITO Standard and can register learners in  Central Register.

Please note that we are in a period of transition from the current Approval Process to the new Risk-based Approach. Before applying for OPITO Approval, please read through our scenarios to ensure you are following the correct process. Please contact your regional office for assistance.

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